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Your UAV operations require a growing and diverse fleet to perform the expanding number of jobs being assigned. Your drone operations software needs to be able to scale and support the tools you use. Drone-in-a-box solutions securely store the drones and charge them to prepare for the next autonomous BVLOS mission. The connectivity over 4G/LTE/5G enables the remote drone operators to manage and control a fleet of drones and docking stations in real-time from a distance through the cloud. SMEs can see the live status of the fleet, analyze real-time video feed from the drone cameras, access device status, battery and charging data, and make use of advanced drone battery features.

The same time Intellias has a very interesting service model because it’s much more a partner. The gadget should have drone imaging software that can analyze and send data to the owner quickly in order to prevent a rockburst or gas explosion. Due to drones “invasion”, some countries have released laws, while others don’t.

Visit to start your free trial or request a consultation with one of our team members. The DroneDeploy mobile application is available for free download for both iOS and Android devices. Our precision agriculture toolkit supports a range of camera hardware and remote sensing algorithms so you can choose the workflow that meets your needs.

AI-based route planning allows you to create the most safe flight routes. Intelligent deconfliction allows you to avoid and adapt to any hazards during flight. AI models that predict maintenance requirements optimize drone operations.

Trimble Stratus is a drone data platform that helps aggregates operations use drones to map, measure, and share accurate information about their worksites and assets. Some applications included topographic surveys, volumetric calculations, and site measurement. The drone platform is one of the best for use on construction sites, since Trimble has been serving the construction industry with workflow solutions since 1978. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and launched Stratus in 2017. Esriis responsible for building ArcGIS, one of the most powerful mapping softwares in the world. ArcGIS connects people with maps, data, and apps through geographic information systems .

Leaders In Lidar Mapping

Centralized and Fair Compliance – our reports make it easy to see what homes are in compliance. Because all homes are recorded and stored, it is fair and equitable. Its also more conducive of privacy than having compliance officers walk other peoples properties. It took our client over 6 months to process the photos and determine if the properties warranted an insurance claim.

drone software solutions

These kinds of operating systems are being increasingly used in the commercial and defense sectors. In the commercial sector, open-source operating systems are being used in various applications such as precision agriculture, inspections, and mapping. In the defense sector, open-source architecture is being used extensively, as military drone requires integrations of various payloads as per the requirement of the mission. Drone manufacturers provide customized software or make the required changes for the defense sector. Based on platform, the drone software market has been segmented into defense & government, commercial, and consumer. The drone software market has evolved over the recent years, with the increasing usage of drones in the commercial and defense sectors.

Auterion is changing the way emergency response teams, humanitarian organizations, enterprise entities collect and act data. It improves workflows, delivers goods, and saves lives and property. Auterion is the most reliable, secure, and reliable drone and payload platform available today.

Current enterprise drone operations are siloed between hardware and management solutions. Users are forced to rely on mobile app integrations, or manual uploads to make data broadly available. To unlock the power of drones at scale, flight operations require an interconnected platform to collect all data, search through it, and share it freely across the organization. Skydio Cloud represents the newest layer in the Skydio enterprise architecture, acting as the foundation for connected flight operations and tight integration with a broad ecosystem of partner solutions. Skydio Cloud seamlessly integrates your Skydio 2 and Skydio X2 drones with a suite of advanced cloud services designed to let flight-collected data flow and be utilized easily and in real-time throughout your organization. The drone software market has been segmented based on architecture into open source and closed source.

DroneBlocksprovides everything needed (curriculum, support, etc.) for educators to quickly launch a drone-based STEM program. They combine curriculum with a user friendly iPad app, and layer it on top of best in class drones. The result is a scalable end-to-end solution for a project based learning environment.

Professional Drone Mapping Software Options For 2022

The Mavic series has become the quintessential drone for new to intermediate pilots and videographers, and the simultaneous launch in late 2018 of the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom was huge news in the industry. In 2020 they launched the revolutionary Mavic Mini, packing high-quality drone software solutions drone features into a tiny drone that weighs only a half-pound. For easy navigation, we’ve organized these companies into categories according to their drone services and core offerings. You can use this table of contents to jump to your category of interest.

Pioneer of in drone-in-a-box systems, the company has developed a fully autonomous drone solution for safety and security applications, even in the most sensitive and complex environments. Skeyetech system is the first autonomous drone in Europe approved by the authorities to fly beyond visual line of sight. Wingtra is a leading VTOL drone producer for mapping, survey and mining industry professionals. Their WingtraOne drone takes off and lands like a multicopter, but flies in the air as a fixed-wing aircraft.

  • ANRA is part of SmartSkiesTM Family for UAS Traffic Management and Urban Air Mobility .
  • Trimble Viewpoint construction software solutions, part of Trimble Connected Construction, allow contractors to better manage their projects, processes and people, using the data gathered to lower risk and improve margins.
  • Manage a fleet of drones and access key control features for drone navigation and get real-time location updates over 4G/5G.
  • Back up flight data securely on the cloud, giving missions higher reliability and accuracy.
  • The previews can be exported to Google Earth to verify buildings and terrain.

Map large work sites to acquire detailed, precise data using drones. 2D maps and 3D models help teams optimize project planning and designs.Learn more. Zipline uses drones to provide medical equipment and services to remote areas. They partnered with the government of Rwanda in 2016 to deliver blood and other much-needed supplies to rural villages. In 2018, they worked with the Rwanda government to establish plans to build a drone assembly plant in Rwanda.

Drone Management And Collaboration

Police, firemen, and first responders perform critical life-saving work with the help of drones nationwide. We assist with fleet operations management, real-time video streaming, and remote identification. The drone software market in the North American region is expected to witness substantial growth and register the highest CAGR during the forecast period. The growth of the drone software market in North America can be attributed to the increasing adoption of drones for commercial and defense applications. Delairis a leading provider of drone-based solutions for enterprise. The company’s offerings combine high performance, long range fixed-wing UAV hardware with sophisticated analytics technology and operational services.

drone software solutions

Use the comparison tool below to compare the top Drone Management software on the market. You can filter results by user reviews, pricing, features, platform, region, support options, integrations, and more. Through our in-house training program, our engineers and inspectors are using drones to augment bridge inspections to gain a more thorough assessment of hard to access bridge components.

Universal Control System

Invite your team to view a drone livestream from any mobile Android or iOS device with very low latency. Initiate a livestream of drone video, available for viewing by responders en route to an incident or remote command staff, using an Android or iOS device. Download our free eBook to learn the many ways you can put drones to work on the farm this season. If you’re already a DroneDeploy customer, it’s easy to upgrade to the Precision Ag Package. Contact a member of our team to speak with them about upgrading today.

drone software solutions

DroneBaseis a service that allows you to either hire a drone pilot to complete a project or become a freelance pilot for them. They match up each job and pilot based on location, availability, and equipment required. Places for drone pilots to find work and promote their drone services. Enabling drone pilots to use all the data gathered by their drones. Tracking, storing, sharing, and analyzing flights and flight data, including tools for team collaboration. Thimble offers on-demand liability insurance for commercial and recreational drone flights.

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In March 2022 Pix4D was awarded a competitive tender for Deutsche Bahn to provide solutions and services for upcoming railway infrastructure projects through the analysis and visualization of drone images. Pix4D will be using its products PIX4Dcloud, PIX4Dmapper, and PIX4Dmatic for processing and analyzing drone imagery for construction progress monitoring and quality assurance. We accelerate the development and adoption of unmanned aerial vehicles for enterprise by building connected hardware and software products for drone manufacturers and commercial drone service providers.

Construction Solution

Their platform can be used for “solopreneurs” to plan and track flights for their drone services, and also for large teams to coordinate efforts. Skywatch is an on-demand drone insurance provider that offers hourly, monthly, and annual plans with a wide range of coverage. Their mission is to create innovative, easy-to-use tools that empower drone operators to fly safely, manage their flights seamlessly, and make sure they are insured at a reasonable price. Drone pilots primarily use cameras to visually inspect the equipment, but photogrammetry software assists in the inspection.

Smarter Crop Management With Actionable Intelligence From Agremo

Maps Made Easy creates software that allows drone pilots to make their own maps with accurate, high-resolution imagery that they control. They make Site Scan, a complete drone platform that’s built specifically for construction and engineering teams. With Site Scan, users can fly with both 3DR and DJI drones, create and view high-res 2D maps and 3D models, scale drone operations across the enterprise, and use the data in Autodesk and GIS tools. Lorenz Technology has created a web interface that allows multiple drones, sites and functionalities to be operated simultaneously from the Lorenz Hive®’s web interface. Multiple functions can be managed from one platform, including UAVs and UGVs. The Lorenz AI-Link®, which can be mounted on any drone or mobile robot you choose, allows you to control route planning and data collection with ease.

Iris Automation has built an AI-based collision avoidance system that helps drones see the world how pilots do. Iris is a key partner on multiple FAA UAS Integration Pilot Programs, a participant of NASA’s Unmanned Traffic Management program and a participant of Transport Canada’s BVLOS Technology Demonstration Program. Vayu Aerospace Corporation is an American drone manufacturer dedicated to designing and building performance unmanned aircraft for sensitive government and enterprise customers. Their drone, the US-1, is engineered with features to serve law enforcement, firefighting, disaster response, critical infrastructure, border security, and other long-duration, heavy-lift applications.

Drone Management Software

MultiGPhosts an annual drone racing championship series in the U.S., and they also have local chapters all over the country where drone pilots can organize their own races. SkyFundis a venture capital firm that invests in drone startup companies. They’re backed by DJI and Accel, and fund UAV entrepreneurs across a variety of application, hardware, peripheral and services categories. runs on REIN, an insurtech platform designed for new insurance products and built for speed, scalability, and distribution. was designed to empower users to manage their drone insurance needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner. BFD Systems was launched in 2017, and the company hit the ground running.

UAVIA Embedded module allows drones to connect and be operated remotely via any wireless IP link such as 4G or 5. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been unprecedented on a global scale. The consequences have been wide-reaching, particularly for aviation. In addition, the hardware, technology, and services being cost-efficient and easy to access compared to traditional methods have led to the emergence of drone startups and drone service providers in the aviation industry.

We also work with forward-thinking enterprises to innovate new commercial opportunities. Agriculture is one of the fastest-growing markets in the commercial drone industry. UAVs are quickly becoming the go-to tool for gathering crop intelligence, increasing efficiency in the field and enabling smarter crop management decisions. But many drone solutions aren’t built with Ag pros — or the unique, seasonal challenges you face — in mind. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest offering tailored for the agriculture industry, the DroneDeploy Precision Ag Package.

In 2017 they won an award for being one of the fastest-growing conferences in any industry. The conference features workshops, panels, sessions, industry keynotes special events, and a huge exhibition hall. Gamayauses hyperspectral imaging technology to help farmers get better and more accurate data. Hyperspectral imaging is 10x more powerful than the standard multispectral technique used by the vast majority of drones in the ag drone startup world. Pixprois a software for smart, simple and safe surveying providing fast data-driven insights to support your business in effective way. Women and Drones shares stories about women in the drone industry, and works to raise the profile and visibility of women in the UAS industry.

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